Ethics Disclosures


The Ethics Act includes requirements for disclosure of certain activities and transactions by legislators, legislative employees and public members of the Ethics Committee. 


Please read below for accessing the online system.

When completing disclosure forms you must use your USER NAME and PASSWORD. Do not use "" when entering your username.

NOTE: If completing a disclosure for a legislator, the legislator's USER NAME and PASSWORD is required.

Click HERE to access the on-line process.

A copy of your completed disclosure will be emailed to you immediately following submission as confirmation that your disclosure has been accepted and received by the Ethics Office.

The date of the email confirmation is the date received for purpose of compliance with the reporting timeframes. The Ethics office reviews all disclosures. If information is unclear or additional clarifying information is needed, the discloser will be contacted.

If you are unable to complete an on-line Disclosure form click HERE for a listing of the printable forms.

Those disclosures, which are public, are printed in the House or Senate journals during session.  The committee also maintains a summary listing of disclosures on this web site.  See below.

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Disclosure Reporting Dates

Disclosures due within 30 days of the matter, interest or association; annually within the first 30 days of session; and 90 days after final day of service

  • Membership on a Board of Directors  -  AS 24.60.030(f)
  • Participation in State Benefit and Loan Programs  -  AS 24.60.050(c)(d)
  • Representation before a State Agency  -  AS 24.60.100
  • Interest in State Contracts, Leases, or Grants  -  AS 24.60.040  NOTE:  A legislator or employee, or a family member, or a public member of the Ethics Committee who participates in state contract, lease or grant with an annual value of $5000 or more, must disclose.  Reporting applies to interests begun, acquired or renegotiated.  Please see the law for details.
  • Close Economic Association with other than a lobbyist spouse or lobbyist domestic partner  -  AS 24.60.070 
  • Close Economic Association with Lobbyist Spouse or Domestic Partner  - AS 24.60.070(d)  (NOTE:  changes to the list must be reported within 48 hours.)

Gift Disclosures due within 30 days

  • Gift of Legal Services Related to Legislative Matters  -  AS 24.60.080(c)(8)
  • Gift Not Connected to Legislative Status over $250  -  Confidential Disclosure - AS 24.60.080(c)(6) 

Gift Disclosures due within 60 days

  • Gift of Travel and Hospitality for Legislative Matters over $250  - AS 24.60.080(c)(4)
  • Gift of Travel and Hospitality for Legislative Matters over $250 - Family Member - AS 24.60.080(i)
  • Gift Related to Sanctioned Charity Event - AS 24.60.080(c)(10)
  • Gift Related to Sanctioned Charity Event - Family Member - AS 24.60.080(c)(10)

Legislators, Legislative Directors and Public Member of the Ethics Committee

  • During term of office or appointment - Financial Disclosure covering the previous calendar year - due March 15
  • Appointment to serve as a legislator, legislative director or public member of the Ethics Committee – Financial Disclosure covering the previous year due within 30 days
  • Leaving service – Financial Disclosure covering the period from last report to last day of service due within 90 days

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