Ethics Training

Second Regular Session of the 30th Legislature

Legislators and legislative employees who have previously completed ethics training are NOT required to complete an ethics training course in 2018.

First time legislative employees must complete an ethics course which focuses on a fundamental understanding of the Legislative Ethics Act, AS24.60, and how to comply with it. In-person training will take place in Juneau on:


Additional in-person training sessions may be offered.

New employees who are hired after the in-person training sessions must complete training within 30 days of date of hire. For training information please contact the ethics office at 907-269-8179, or

Those covered by the Legislative Ethics Act include:

  • Legislators
  • Staff to legislators
  • Support staff to the Legislature (except hourly employees who work as tour guides, teleconference moderators, casual laborers, and supply movers).
    • Senate Secretary’s office
    • House Clerk’s office
    • House/Senate Records
    • Administrative Services
    • Information and Teleconferencing
    • Legal and Research
    • Reference Library
    • Print Shop
    • Supply
    • Maintenance
    • Information Technology
    • Security
  • Finance Division
  • Audit Division.
  • Office of the Ombudsman
  • Office of Victims’ Rights
  • Public Members of the Ethics Committee

Alaska Statute 24.60.155.  Legislative Ethics Course.
A person who is a legislator, legislative employee, or public member of the committee shall complete a legislative ethics course administered by the committee under AS 24.60.150(a)(4) within 10 days of the first day of the first regular session of each legislature.  However, a person who first takes office or begins employment after the 10th day of the first regular session of a legislature shall complete the course required by this section within 30 days after the person’s first day of service and, thereafter, as required by this section.  The committee may grant a person additional time to complete the course required by this section.

Alaska Statute 24.60.150(a)(4).  Duties of the Committee.
The committee shall within 10 days of the first day of each regular session of the legislature and at other times determined by the committee, administer two types of legislative ethics courses that teach means of compliance with this chapter and are designed to give an understanding of this chapter’s purpose under AS 24.60.010; one course, for returning legislators, legislative employees, or public members of the committee, shall refresh knowledge and review compliance issues; a separate course shall be designed to give first-time legislators, legislative employees, public members of the committee a fundamental understanding of this chapter and how to comply with it.